Finding Your Next Job Using QR Codes

Resumes and QR Codes: Edge out the Competition!

With U.S. unemployment hovering around nine percent and around 400,000 people looking for work in any given week lately, how do job seekers pull themselves out of the slush pile of resumes so that employers give them a second look?

Try using QR codes.

Will employers take the time to scan a QR code resume? Millennials who haven’t been in the job market long might be able to highlight their career within a QR code. A better option might be linking to your most relevant information that adds creative punch to your traditional resume.

If you are a writer, link to a book or article, especially if you’ve written one linked to the industry you’re applying to. Will the local corner grocer’s human resources department of one understand what they need to do with the funky box? Probably not. But if you are looking to work overseas or in a large city with a decidedly young population, you might be able to get away with using QR codes to supplement your resume.

If you decide to use QR codes in your job search:

  • Create one that differentiates yourself from other job seekers.
  • Create a QR code that adds value to your brand—and yes, you are branding yourself with your resume.
  • Make the code large enough to scan easily, but don’t let it overwhelm your resume content.
  • Use QR codes prudently and in tandem with other job search tools and social networking.
  • Remember that the key is “direction.” Direct potential employers to value-oriented material that will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Keep in mind that lime green, orange and yellow QR codes don’t scan as easily as black, red or blue codes. You don’t want your potential employer to have to work too hard to scan your code or you might find yourself hitting file 13.

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