QR Codes: Facts about Millennials Affecting QR Code Marketing Campaigns

The Rules of Engagement

Every war begins with engaging the enemy. QR Code marketing engages a new front--the 18- to 34-year old Millennial consumer who has no qualms about telling it like it is. The war here begins with capturing the imagination, engaging that imagination, and prompting enough interest to convert scanning QR codes into sharing the information with others and acting on that information themselves. QR codes work only if you can get people to scan them. Never in history has a young adult’s attention been so divided—and not just divided—but processing multi-data streams in milliseconds. Check out how marketers are trying to engage you by accessing their "rule" book.

Major Millennial Facts Contributing to Marketing Efforts

Source: "Millennials: Confident, Connected and Open to Change" (Pew Research Center, February, 2010)

Cell Phone Behavior

94 percent have a cell phone

81 percent use smartphone/laptop/tablet to connect to wireless

41 percent have only a cell phone

83 percent sleep with cell phones in or next to their beds

88 percent use cell phones for texting

64 percent admit to texting while driving

75 percent talk on their cell phone while driving

61 percent say that Millennials are unique/distinct with technology as their defining uniqueness

Internet Behavior

75 percent have a social networking profile

29 percent visit favorite sites several times a day

26 percent visit at least once daily

86 percent of social networkers have a college education

41 percent are satisfied with their country

62 percent use wireless Internet away from Home/Office

20 percent post videos of themselves online

14 tweet

52 percent say technology makes them more efficient

54 percent say that technology brings them closer to family/friends

74 percent say that technology makes their lives easier

90 people use the Internet/send and receive email


88 percent of Millennials feel that they will make enough money to support themselves in the future

31 percent earn enough now

40 percent believe government is most influential over lives

42 percent believe businesses are most influential over lives

35 percent have boycotted a company

34 percent have “buycotted” a company (bought to support)

31 percent say they are “very happy” with their lives

56 percent say they are “pretty happy” with their lives


61 percent of Millennials are white, 19 percent are Hispanic, 13 percent are Black, 4 percent are Asian and 2 percent consider themselves “other”


15 percent are college

34 percent have some college

15 percent have no high school diploma

35 percent have their high school diploma or GED.


20 percent are college

40 percent have some college

12 percent have no high school diploma

28 percent have their high school diploma or GED.


21 percent married

75 percent single/never married

4 percent separated or divorced

32 percent live in city centers

14 percent live in rural areas

54 percent live in suburbs

34 percent are parents

52 percent put high value on parenting